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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the annual symposium's theme?

This is our 3rd annual symposium. It is about child protection in general, and specifically about some of the challenges faced in the child protection sector such as placement of at-risk children in residential care, overcoming the taboos around child sexual abuse and sexuality, child marriage, and protecting children with special needs from abuse.The symposium will bring together local and international experts to discuss these topics and think about possible solutions and intervention strategies.  

This year's title is: “Building and Strengthening the Child Protection Network: Towards Overcoming Challenges in Child Protection”

"بناء وتعزيز شبكة حماية الطفل: نحو التغلب على التحديات في مجال حماية الطفل"

You can find out more about this year's topics here.




How is the symposium organized?

Our symposium is a two-day event.
The first day is comprised of four discussion panels each hosted by 3 to 4 national and international professionals in different fields. They will be presenting and discussing specific topics which will be covered in more depth on the second day of the event.
The second day consists of nine interactive workshops, 1:30 mins each, divided into 3 series. All participants must select one workshop from each series, for a total of 3 workshops to attend before that day's closing. During the workshops, topics presented on the previous day will be broken down and dissected. Participants will be able to have open debates and discussions with our professionals, benefit from their expertise and learn from their experience in the field.
You can find a detailed schedule here.




What are the workshops about?

The workshops cover the themes presented on the first day in more detail and in a more interactive environment, leaving room for questions and discussion. Topics of the workshops include alternative care in Lebanon, a dialogue with religious figures about the role of religious institutions in protecting children, sexuality talks between parents and their children, recommendations for residential centers in Lebanon, protection strategies for children with disabilities and more.
You can find more information about each workshop here.




Who are the speakers?

The speakers hosting panels and workshops consist of our own professionals, representatives from Ministries (Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Health), religious figures, local and international experts (from South Africa, France, Scotland, and Turkey) in matters related to child protection.




When is the symposium taking place?

This year's symposium will take place on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of October.




Where is the Symposium?

This year's symposium will take place at USJ, Medical Campus, Damascus Road (Rue de Damas).




Is it free of charge?

Yes, the event is free of charge. However, registration is mandatory as seats are limited.




Who can attend?

Anyone who is interested in being part of the child protection network can attend. This means anyone that is in contact with or works with children, and is interested in promoting their safety and well-being. Whether you are a student, parent or professional; everyone has a role to play in child protection.




Who will be present at the event?

The majority of our team, our psychologists, and social workers will be present at the event. Local and international NGOs (UNICEF, UNHCR etc.) working in the child protection and/or education sectors, legal units, international speakers, media professionals, professors, students, and many more.
Some of our board members will also be present, including Mrs. Viviane Debbas, Mrs. Lama Tammam Salam, and Mr. Chukri Sader.




Can multiple people from the same organization attend?

Yes, participants from the same organization can attend.




Can I attend on the first/second day only?

Yes, participants can choose to attend the first day of panels, the second day for workshops, or both.
For a more wholesome experience, we advise you to take part in both days.




Can I register for other people?

Yes, you can register for other people provided that you have the information required on our registration page.




Can I register and not attend?

Yes, but we request that you call and inform us if that is the case. Seats are limited and if cancellations are made, spots will be released for other participants.




How can I register?

You can register over the phone by calling 79/301 052 and/or 76/451 947
Or online through our website here.
For any questions, you can also contact us via email at annualsymposium@himaya.org




What if I don’t understand English/Arabic?

Interpretation services will be available for panels on the first day (AR to ENG / ENG to AR)

The languages used to lead workshops on the second day will be announced at the start of the event. Please note that most will be in either English or Arabic.




Will we receive a certificate of attendance?

Yes, participants who attend the full event will receive their certificates at the closure.


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