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Communications & Fundraising Department





Our communications unit promotes our cause and works on achieving social change; it does so by running awareness campaigns encouraging the public to “break the silence” by reporting cases of child abuse and having the courage to speak up about their experiences.


Our communications unit is responsible for everything pertaining to media and social media.  It has built online communities spread out on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, in order to raise public awareness about the harsh reality of child abuse in Lebanon.


Our communications unit is also responsible for our organization’s communications strategy in terms of:

•Identifying our core values and key messages

•Identifying and communicating our stand concerning social issues

•Identifying and managing our relationship with stakeholders

•Identifying and managing our communication channels

•Identifying our communication strategy per region in Lebanon





Our fundraising unit’s role is to maintain the sustainability of the organization’s operations by hosting events and campaigns in order to raise funds. The unit mainly targets socially responsible individuals/corporations who aim to create a positive change in their community and support our organization. The unit's strategy includes collaborations with supporters interested in starting crowd-funding campaigns to benefit the abused children who attend psychosocial sessions with our team of psychologists or attend awareness sessions conducted by our team of trainers and facilitators. Included in its responsibilities is the promotion of our “4change” programs which include our birthday4change, wedding4change programs, and our products on sale.



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