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Spread the word, break the silence. HOTLINE: 03 414 964
  • #JustASmile
    It's time we start breaking gender stereotypes in our communities!
  • Let's eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labor in Lebanon!
    A campaign launched in partnership with PLAN International and with funding support from the European Union
  • 101- Strengthening the Child Protection Network
    We are pleased to invite you to our first online series: ‘101 Role of Community Members in Strengthening the Child Protection Network': 4 Free Sessions, open to the public!
  • Don't Turn a Blind Eye
    If you hear, see or suspect child abuse, give us a call
  • We need each other
    The damages are devastating, the impact on us and on our children is tragic. Joining forces is the only way to heal. We urge every individual reading this message to help us; if you know a case of a child in danger or at risk, please tag @himayaleb or contact us directly 03414964



It is our strong belief that adolescents and young adults can innovate, change the world and build a better future. Thus, engaging the youth of today has become an essential part of himaya’s scope of work.


There are two ways you can get involved with himaya:
- Skill-based work: addressed to students and professionals working in a specific field
- Volunteering: addressed to the wide public and to anyone willing to give a helping hand.



Where can you intern/volunteer? 
himaya is present across Lebanon with offices in: 
Fanar, Tripoli, North Bekaa, Zahle and Saida.
Depending on each candidate's interests, they can select which department or program they would like to work with. (You can find out more about them under the "What We Do" tab)
Interns may be assigned to a particular project or asked to support specific activities conducted within the framework of several projects. While himaya will attempt to engage interns in the areas that best match their interests, interns are required to be flexible and committed to their assignments.
himaya can also provide live presentations to groups of candidates in order to better inform them about the various options they have.



How does it work?

1. Apply
2. Review
3. Interview
4. Outcome and confirmation



In order to apply to our volunteering or internship programs, you will need to send an email to either volunteer@himaya.org for volunteering opportunities or internships@himaya.org for our internship program. Your email should include:
1. The application form attached at the bottom of this page, filled out and scanned
2. Resume or short bio
3. Field of interest
4. The time frame during which you would like to work with us
5. Contact details and email address
If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact us at +961 79 301 051



Upon receiving your application, our HR department will review it and send it to the concerned regional office who will, in turn, conduct the needed assessment.  

Once your application is approved, our team will contact you within the following 5 working days.



Once the review phase is over, you will be invited for an interview at one of our offices.

Your interview will take place with a member of our regional office or by a member of our HR department, depending on the nature of your application.


Outcome and confirmation

After the interview had taken place, you will be informed by email regarding the final decision of your application; our team will inform you of your starting date and of other relevant information.




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