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Prevention Program

Prevention Program


Our Prevention Program’s main goals are to raise awareness and detect possible cases of abuse while on the ground. Our teams are responsible of sessions they give to parents, professionals and children alike regardless of their religions, nationalities or disabilities. They must select a number of topics suited to their audience, create stimulating activities as well as guide and inform their listeners while remaining diligent enough to detect children who might require our attention. Our sessions are carefully prepared and customized according to each group’s needs to make sure they benefit as much as they can from attending these sessions. Our sessions also give them the opportunity to defend themselves and develop self-protection skills as they understand and become more aware of topics we cover.


himaya is also the only NGO in the Middle East accredited by Gordon Training International to conduct Parent Effectiveness Trainings (PET) and Teacher Effectiveness Trainings (TET) which means our team members are the only certified instructors in the region. This pioneering program was created by award-winning psychologist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Thomas Gordon in 1962. It has helped millions of parents, teachers and specialists around the world better deal with children.


Up to 21,156 children were able to benefit from our sessions between 2009 and 2014


Prevention Program Targets:

·         Children between 6 and 18 years old

·         Parents

·         Teachers

·         All specialists working with children


Goals and Objectives:

·         Raise children’s awareness about a range of topics including abuse

·         Develop efficient self-protection skills

·         Detect and refer cases of abuse to the Resilience Program

·         Educate children on how to deal with an abuser


Themes offered for children:

.          Psychological and Physical Abuse

.          Sexual Abuse and Negligence

.          Children’s Rights and Duties

.          My Body and My Privacy

.          Gender Based Violence

.          Prevention of Early and Forced Marriage

.          Hygiene

.          Sexual Identity


.          Non Violent Communication

.          Bullying and Peer-pressure

.          Internet and Social Media

.          Self-image and Self-esteem

.          Decision Making

.          Risk Prevention

.          Tolerance and Acceptance

.          Leadership


*Note that these themes can also be addressed to adults


Themes offered for adults include: 

·         Different Stages of Child Development

·         Femininity and Maternity

·         Masculinity and Paternity

·         Resistance and Defense Mechanisms

·         Positive Discipline

·         Learning Disabilities

·         Somatic Complaints

·         Behavioral Disorders

·         Sexual Education

·         Effective Communication


The aim of the P.E.T. and T.E.T:

·         Develop Efficient Communication Skills that can concretely be established between the adult and the child

·         Manage Conflicts Related to Authority by introducing the conflict resolution method the “win-win situation”

·         Promote Self-Discipline as well as the child’s independence in order for them to become active agents in their everyday life 



*Participants will receive a certificate of participation
**Participants will receive a certificate of participation and a manual





Safe Parks


himaya with the collaboration of International Social Service (ISS), FICE International and AXA Insurance initiated a project entitled "Safe Parks".

The main objectives of the project are:

- Provide psychosocial support to Syrian refugee children living in a crisis environment.

- Provide extracurricular activities and mobile safe playgrounds to implement Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: "[t]he States Parties recognizes the child's right to rest and to leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to their age and to participate freely in cultural life and arts."

The project is ongoing and is proving successful in terms of community engagement and children attraction, and has served as a safe haven for children to exercise their right to play. The Safe Park is available once a week in each of the following three regions of Mount Lebanon: Ajaltoun, Dhour Shwer and Aley.





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