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Prevention Program

Prevention Program


In line with our mission and vision, our prevention program recognizes that all children have the right to protection. They have the right to survive, to be safe, to belong, to be heard, to receive adequate care and to grow up in a protective environment. In efforts to protect these rights, our prevention program aims to decrease the risk of abuse that children may face in various contexts.


The prevention program offers its services respectfully and equally to all children and families regardless of their nationality, gender, political beliefs, religion or ethnical backgrounds, and this throughout the co-responsible professionals, legal institutions, and beneficiaries, while ensuring the best interests of minors and their families. 



Prevention Program Targets:

·         Children between 6 and 18 years old

·         Parents and caregivers

·         Community members (Municipalities, SDCs, etc.)




Themes offered for children:

.          Psychological and Physical Abuse

.          Sexual Abuse and Negligence

.          Children’s Rights and Duties

.          My Body and My Privacy

.          Gender-Based Violence

.          Prevention of Early and Forced Marriage

.          Hygiene

.          Sexual Identity


.          Non Violent Communication

.          Bullying and Peer-pressure

.          Internet and Social Media

.          Self-image and Self-esteem

.          Decision Making

.          Risk Prevention

.          Tolerance and Acceptance

.          Leadership


*Note that these themes can also be addressed to adults



Themes offered for adults include: 

·         Different Stages of Child Development

·         Positive Discipline

·         Effective Communication

·         Learning Disabilities

·         Behavioral Disorders

·         Sexual Education

*Participants receive a certificate of participation

We offer this wide variety of topics during our awareness sessions which consist of games and activities catered to different age groups/audiences in order to spike their attention and retention.




Our team works:

  • In schools
  • In nurseries
  • In refugee camps
  • In institutions
  • In SDCs
  • In municipalities
  • In summer camps
  • In religious institutions



What does our prevention program do?

Capacitate community leaders and stakeholders to be ambassadors of child protection

Our prevention program trains community-based organizations, caregivers, and stakeholders who surround children so that they can become ambassadors of child protection. After completing their training, the participants are able to administer recreational activities while delivering key messages on several topics. The trainees also acquire several techniques to administer these activities in fun and interactive ways, such as lego techniques, sports for development…etc.



Organize prevention events to sensitize the whole community

Recreational activities, balloons, games, and food are offered. Key messages are also delivered through animated games at our event stands. These messages are addressed to children, parents, and caregivers, and provide them with parental tips, brochures on available services offered by himaya, and flyers on various child protection awareness themes.



Capacitate staff of play areas

We offer employees of play areas training sessions and development opportunities consistent with operational requirements, occupational categories, and skill requirements. Different topics can be tackled such as facilitation skills, sports for development, including children with disabilities in their activities, respecting a child’s personal space, accepting others and respecting diversity, etc. These training sessions aim to empower and develop the staff members' skills and is a key investment strategy for individual and organizational success.



Creating child-friendly spaces spread out across communities

The purpose of CFSs is to mobilize communities around the protection and well‐being of all children - including highly vulnerable children - and provide opportunities for children to play, acquire contextually relevant skills, and receive social support.



Capacitate parents and caregivers with skills to protect children

A curriculum was established for caregivers and parents, with its main objective being to increase awareness among parents and teaching them the necessary parenting skills to hold healthy relationships with their children. These sessions are offered through conferences (up to 50 persons), and through closed sessions (20 persons maximum).




Capacitate children with self-protection skills

The curriculum offered focuses on the following skills while giving awareness sessions to children in Lebanon: raising awareness on child protection issues, building protective skills to prevent child abuse, detecting cases of child abuse, and referring them to himaya's resilience program.



Capacitate children at risk of abuse

Focused sessions are provided to children at a higher risk of abuse with a custom designed curriculum designed to target vulnerable children, children with disabilities, or children at risk of child labor and early marriage. These activities empower them and equip them with self-protection skills during the difficult conditions and circumstances they face.




Request a training


Email: training@himaya.org

Mobile Number: +961 79 300 413

Fixed Number: +961 1 395 315



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