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Prevention Program

Prevention Program


In line with our mission and vision, our prevention program recognizes that all children have the right to protection. They have the right to survive, to be safe, to belong, to be heard, to receive adequate care and to grow up in a protective environment. In efforts to protect these rights, our prevention program aims to decrease the risk of abuse that children may face in various contexts.


The prevention program offers its services respectfully and equally to all children and families regardless of their nationality, gender, political beliefs, religion or ethnical backgrounds, and this throughout the co-responsible professionals, legal institutions, and beneficiaries, while ensuring the best interests of minors and their families. 



Prevention Program Targets:

·         Children between 6 and 18 years old

·         Parents

·         Communities

·         All specialists working with children



Goals and Objectives:

  • Raising awareness on topics related to child protection
  • Develop efficient self-protection skills
  • Detect and refer cases of abuse to the resilience program
  • Creating child-friendly spaces spread out across communities
  • Giving capacity building sessions for caregivers and teenagers, making them ambassadors for child protection within their respective communities



Themes offered for children:

.          Psychological and Physical Abuse

.          Sexual Abuse and Negligence

.          Children’s Rights and Duties

.          My Body and My Privacy

.          Gender-Based Violence

.          Prevention of Early and Forced Marriage

.          Hygiene

.          Sexual Identity


.          Non Violent Communication

.          Bullying and Peer-pressure

.          Internet and Social Media

.          Self-image and Self-esteem

.          Decision Making

.          Risk Prevention

.          Tolerance and Acceptance

.          Leadership


*Note that these themes can also be addressed to adults



Themes offered for adults include: 

·         Different Stages of Child Development

·         Positive Discipline

·         Effective Communication

·         Learning Disabilities

·         Behavioral Disorders

·         Sexual Education

*Participants receive a certificate of participation



We offer this wide variety of topics during our awareness sessions which consist of games and activities catered to different age groups/audiences in order to spike their attention and retention.

Children benefit from awareness sessions given through:


Our Safe Parks:

Safe parks were created as safe spaces for vulnerable children living within different communities with the generous support of the International Social Service - Switzerland and Fondation de France. There, children are able to benefit from our outdoor play areas and can express themselves as well as seek advice from our team of facilitators, in addition to their weekly participation in awareness activities. Safe parks allow our teams to intervene early should they suspect abuse, as well as provide a secure, empowering and none discriminative environment for children.
The project is ongoing and is proving successful in terms of community engagement and children attraction, and has served as a safe haven for children to exercise their right to play. The park is available once a week in Ajaltoun, Dhour Shwer, Aley and Baalback so far.



Our sports programs:

Yoga: This activity helps children and youngsters relieve stress and find empowerment thus, contributing positively to balance in life, well-being, and mental health.

Capoeira: With the support of UNICEF Lebanon, we have partnered with Filhos De Bimba Escola de Capoeira - Nucleus Lebanon (Núcleo Líbano) in order to introduce Capoeira among vulnerable children. We believe children need supportive spaces in which to explore and express their emotions while learning how to interact with others, in order to overcome their daily struggles.
Capoeira is an African-Brazilian art made up of a mixture of body expression, musicality, improvisation, art, dance, and freedom. 
When used as a sport for social change, it plays a crucial role in fostering inclusion, equality, and citizenship; it brings people closer together to be appreciated for what they are in essence, independent of their different backgrounds and experiences.



Parents get to benefit from our awareness sessions through our Sobhiyeh and Meswiye, which are big gatherings of parents during which we share food and stories related to their experiences dealing with their children. These morning and evening sessions give our facilitators a platform through which they can give advice and information on different topics.


Parents can also form groups and request a session on a topic of their choice and/or attend one of our conferences. The aim of these sessions is to develop the knowledge and know-how needed while facing or preventing any type of abuse.


Caregivers and peer to peer groups are given awareness sessions and take part in interactive activities over several days in order to receive a certificate, making them ambassadors of our cause and enabling them to raise awareness in their respective communities through projects of their own.




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